How may I help you?

     I know my way around CG. While modeling, lighting, and animation are my specialties, I’m a Jack-of-all-Trades.  I started learning CG in my spare time over 20 years ago shortly after blender became an open-sourced program and learned about each element of the production process as the software developed. I have since branched out to a plethora of software packages but those values I learned are applied no matter what I work in. My core understanding of how an animation pipeline works landed me a job on Reversion as a technical director and I fell in love.

     I’m passionate about team-based animation and game projects. I love to see ideas brought to the table and disseminated to be grown into something powerful through combined artistic strengths. I’m self-motivated and I hit deadlines on time. If I get involved in a project I keep the ball rolling and see it through to completion, even under stress or a tight deadline. If you’re in need of someone who can get a quality job done fast, take a gander at my resume.